Zinat Farahani
Zinat Farahani UX, UI Designer
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Present an NFT content by illustrations

Apr 2020 - Sep 2021

What is License.rOcks?

License.rOcks is a B2B service which provides platforms to trading NFTs and licensing digital assets such as property, music, art and etc and establishing new monetization opportunities.

So I did:
  • Redesign the whole of license.rocks website
  • Analyze the current data and design, then redesign the main page and design a landing page for each product and service for details
  • Design illustrations to present different topics and data
  • Design characters of employees of License.rOcks
  • custom iconss
  • Design marketing assets such as flyers, pitch decks, and presentations

My flow to design each illustration

Ideation is so prominent to show a topic with illustration so more time to design an illustration is this step. First I would define my ideation for each illustration and we discussed then I would prepare a sketch and probable iterations were done in the sketch step. Finally, I would design it.

Illustration style

Based on the topic and the users I defined a style guide:

  • Design a little formal, minimal and simple
  • Present branding in each illustration
  • Show ECO friendliness

I used the outline style and brand colors for main objects to make those friendly, simple, and sharp. Also, I used flowers and leaves to support ECO friendliness.

Custom Icon Design

Check live of License.rOcks here.

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